2 Gyrlz Core: the Board

2 Gyrlz Board is made up of the Cofounder/Directors, the Editrix of 2GQ, and artists who help organize events.


Lisa Newman Cofounder of 2 Gyrlz Performative Arts in its current manifestation, but has been involved with the project since 1995 as an intern when it was the arts journal, two girls review.

She received a BS in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon in 1996, worked as Enrollment Specialist/Admissions Counselor at Pacific Northwest College of Art from 1998-2000, and since 2001 as Director of Financial Aid at Oregon College of Art and Craft. Lisa is currently finishing a Masters in Performance at Dartington College in Britain.

Lisa is also the cofounder of
gyrl grip




Llewyn Máire
cofounder of 2 Gyrlz, and PAN ZEN

From organizing happenings on the streets of New Orleans, to teknival/sound system/free festivals, to inter-media events and festivals on America's West Coast; Llewyn Máire has dedicated more than 20 years to facilitating and creating art on a multiversal community level.

Self-schooling in the arts of sound, stage, and media engineering, as well as being a lifelong performance activist, musician and visual artist, enables Máire a unique insight into, and a great passion for the performative act.

Llewyn is also the cofounder of gyrl grip and PAN ZEN


Tiffany Lee Brown's writing is published in periodicals such as The Utne Reader, Bookforum, Wired, and Willamette Week, and in books including The Covert Culture Sourcebook, Bust's Guide to the New Girl Order, and Fodor's Berkeley Guides to the Pacific Northwest.

Editor of Portland's arts & culture monthly, Anodyne, she was also an editor for Future Sex and Fringe Ware magazines. She acted as Creative Director for Youssou N'Dour's West African Internet project, Joko, and was Senior Writer for the New York offices of the agency Organic.

Miss Brown is the Editrix of 2GQ

George Johnson is a musician and social/ artistic catalyst.

Excelling in the skill of networking and interconnecting, George has opened people up to possibilities in pairing artists who work in different media types including; music, dance, video installation, live painting, gallery presentations, aromatherapy and more.

As a member of the ground breaking group Feral, he was instrumental in helping to create an underground multimedia revolution in Boulder, Colorado in the mid to late 1990s, alongside of such groups as Mother Earth Sound System , Humble Souls and Heavyweight Dub Champion.

George assists coordinating stage/ events, and is an organizer in PAN ZEN

Noah Mickens is the founder of 36 Invisibles. This is the promoting arm of a regional network of DIY artists who meet at the Jasmine Tree, and other locations, once a month or more, depending on schedules and availability. The collective has been assembling here under this umbrella name since August 2001. Along with 36 Invisibles, Noah is also the Portland based liaison for Radon.

When he’s not heading up his eccentric empire, Mickens is a marketing liaison at emerchandise.com and the father of two children. He also is part of an experimental trio of musicians called Nequaquam Vacuum that includes Tyler Armstrong and Travis McAlister.




The Reverend Joshua Camozzi Milligan
is a visual and aural artist based in Portland Oregon.

Seeking the comforting embrace of big trees, he left the bay area in 1998 to find himself in this abundant land of foliage and moisture. It was here in Oregon at the Pacific Northwest College of Art that Milligan earned his BFA in general fine arts. He served a one year term as treasurer at the Pacific Northwest College of Art as well as for the 2002 Burning Man Drift Catalyst Collective. Milligan has been involved in a number of vastly diverse musical projects including jazz, folk, rock,experimental, and beyond.

For some time Milligan has been involved in the aid of putting on events. Since the move to Portland, collaborations have been made to create music for performances, fashion shows, and soundtracks.






Gregorio Acuña

Since 1991, Gregorio has traveled to the Huichol Indian community in northern Mexico to learn the shamanic healing traditions from various elders of that community. The Huichol are one of the last indigenous tribes in the Western Hemisphere who have managed to maintain their culture, traditions, ceremonies, rituals, and way of life in their original state for More than 1000 years.

Several programs and services have been developed from this experience; focused on helping individuals and organizations improve their lives by exploring themselves and their life or organizational goals on deeply meaningful levels through various modalities of indigenous-based culture, tradition, ceremony, and ritual.


Though the all of 2 Gyrlz is volunteer run, there is a special core which truly enables the presentations to manifest: our event crew. Starting with the Espectaculo and coming into brilliance during our 4 year presentation of a month long festival, EL-fest; many exquisite creatures from Portland have stepped up to make our events possible. 7 years of volunteers is too incredible of a list to manifest here... you know who you are... endless love and thanks to those remarkable individuals.

The Artists in Action behind the 2 Gyrlz presentations, with the addition of event specific volunteers, and the Board are one in the same...